Synonyms of stable in English:



  • 1 a very stable tent
    [Antonyms] unstable, rickety
  • 2 a stable person
    well balanced, balanced, sound, mentally sound, of sound mind, sane, normal, right in the head, in possession of all one's faculties, able to think/reason clearly, lucid, clear-headed, rational, coherent, steady, reasonable, sensible, sober, down-to-earth, matter-of-fact, with both one's feet on the ground;
    informal all there
    [Antonyms] unstable, unbalanced
  • 3 a stable relationship prices have remained relatively stable
    secure, solid, strong, steady, firm, sure, steadfast, level, unwavering, unvarying, unfaltering, unfluctuating, unswerving;
    established, long-lasting, long-lived, deep-rooted, well founded, well grounded, abiding, durable, enduring, lasting, constant, permanent, reliable, dependable, true
    [Antonyms] unstable, rocky, changeable
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