Synonyms of stack in English:



  • 1 a stack of boxes
    heap, pile, mound, mountain, pyramid, mass, store, stockpile, hoard, load, tower, drift, clamp, hack;
    North American cold deck;
    Scottish , Irish , & Northern English rickle;
    Scottish bing
  • 2 a good stack of hay
    rare ruck, shock, cock
  • 3 there's a stack of cinemas in Leicester Square there's stacks of work to be done
    a great deal, a lot, a great/large amount, a large quantity, quantities, plenty, abundance, superabundance, plethora, cornucopia, a wealth, profusion, a mountain, reams
    British informal lashings, shedload
    North American informal slew, gobs, scads
    Australian/New Zealand informal swag
    vulgar slang shitload
    North American vulgar slang assload
    [Antonyms] few, little
  • 4 the main stack belches out clouds of black smoke
    chimney, factory chimney, chimney stack, smokestack, funnel, exhaust pipe
  • 5 Devil's Chimney is actually a sea stack
    pillar, column;
    tor, dome, plug, stalagmite;
  • verb

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  • 1 Shirley began to stack the plates
    heap (up), pile (up), make a heap/pile/stack of;
    assemble, put together, collect, hoard, store, stockpile
  • 2 he spent most of the time stacking shelves
    load, fill (up), lade, pack, charge, stuff, cram;
    [Antonyms] empty
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