Synonyms of state in English:



  • 1 the current state of the UK economy
    condition, shape, situation, circumstances, state of affairs, position;
  • 2 she is in no state to make decisions
    mood, humour, temper, disposition, spirits, morale, state of mind, emotional state, frame of mind, attitude;
    condition, shape
  • 3 don't get into a state
    fluster, flutter, frenzy, fever, fret, panic, state of agitation, state of anxiety, nervous state, distressed state
    informal flap, tizzy, tiz-woz, twitter, dither, stew, sweat
    North American informal twit
  • 4 informal your room is in a state
    untidiness, mess, untidy state, chaos, disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, clutter, muddle, heap, shambles, tangle, mishmash;
    informal muck
    British informal omnishambles
  • 5 the states that comprise the EC
  • 6 a federation of six states
    British shire
  • 7 the power of the state should not be used to curtail individual liberty
    government, parliament, the administration, the regime, the authorities, the council, the Establishment
  • adjective

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  • the South African president was on a state visit to Britain
    ceremonial, official, formal, governmental, national, public
    [Antonyms] unofficial, private, informal
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    Synonyms of state in English:



  • people will be invited to state their views
    express, voice, utter, say, tell, declare, affirm, assert, aver, announce, make known, communicate, reveal, disclose, divulge, give out, give voice to, pronounce, articulate, enunciate, proclaim, present, expound, preach, promulgate, publish, broadcast;
    set out, set down, frame, formulate, spell out, be specific about
    informal come out with
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