Synonyms of steam in English:



  • 1 steam gushed from the spout of the kettle
    water vapour, condensation, mist, haze, fog, exhalation, moisture, dampness
    rare fume, smoke
  • 2 he starts fast but tends to run out of steam
    energy, vigour, vigorousness, vitality, stamina, enthusiasm;
    momentum, impetus, power, force, strength, thrust, impulse, push, drive, driving power;
    speed, pace, velocity
  • Phrases

    let off steam

    [Antonyms] bottle things up
    give vent to one's feelings, speak one's mind, sound off, lose one's inhibitions, let oneself go;
    use up energy, release surplus energy

    under one's own steam

    [Antonyms] with help
    unaided, unassisted, without help, without assistance, independently, by oneself, by one's own efforts, on one's own two feet


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  • informal he bounced out of the car and steamed into the shop See run
  • Phrases

    get steamed up

  • 1 he got really steamed up about forgetting his papers
    become agitated, get worked up, get overwrought, get flustered, panic, become panic-stricken
    informal get het up, get into a state, get into a tizzy, get uptight, get into a stew, get the willies, get the heebie-jeebies, go into a flat spin
    British informal have kittens, have an attack of the wobblies
    [Antonyms] calm down
  • 2 they get steamed up about the media
    become very angry, become enraged, go into a rage, lose one's temper
    British informal go crackers, go spare, do one's nut
    North American informal flip one's wig, blow one's lid/stack
    vulgar slang go apeshit
  • informal

    steam up

    glass lenses are more likely to steam up than plastic
    mist (up), fog (up), become misty/misted, become covered with condensation

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