Synonyms of step in English:



  • 1 Frank took another step forward
  • 2 she heard Ellis's step on the stairs
  • 3 she left the room with a springy step
    gait, walk, way of walking, tread, bearing, carriage
  • 4 the market is only a step from the end of the pier
    short distance, stone's throw, spitting distance
    informal {a hop, skip, and a jump}
  • 5 Susan sat on the top step Maureen ran down the steps
    stair, tread, tread board; (steps)stairs, staircase, stairway; North Americanstoop
  • 6 there was a pint of milk on the step
  • 7 the steps of a ladder
    rung, tread
  • 8 calling in the bailiffs is a very serious step
    course of action, measure, move, act, action, procedure, proceeding, initiative; manoeuvre, tactic, strategy, stratagem, operation; Frenchdémarche
  • 9 a significant step towards a ceasefire
    advance, progression, development, step in the right direction, step forward, move, movement; breakthrough
  • 10 the first step on the managerial ladder
    stage, level, grade, rank, degree; phase; notch
  • Phrases

    in step

    he is utterly in step with mainstream American thinking
    [Antonyms] out of step
    in accordin harmonyin agreementin tunein linein keepingin conformityin accordancein consensusin consilience

    mind/watch one's step

    be carefultake carestep carefully/cautiouslywalk carefully/cautiouslytread carefully/cautiouslyexercise care/cautionmind how one goeslook outwatch outwatch oneselfbe warybe circumspectbe charytake heedbe attentivebe on one's guardhave/keep one's wits about onebe on the qui vive

    out of step

    the paper was often out of step with public opinion
    [Antonyms] in step
    at oddsat variancein disagreementout of tuneout of linenot in keepingout of harmonyat loggerheadsin oppositionat outs

    step by step

    one step at a timebit by bitgraduallyin stagesby degreesslowlysteadilyslowly but surely raregradatim

    take steps

    the government must take steps to discourage age discriminationtake actiontake measuresacttake the initiativemove


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  • 1 she stepped off the gangway
    walk, move, tread, pace, stride
  • 2 the bull had stepped on his hat
    tread, stamp, trample, tramp; squash, crush, flatten
  • Phrases

    step down

    [Antonyms] take up office
    resignstand downgive up one's post/jobbow outretireabdicate informalquitcall it a day

    step in

    interveneintercedebecome/get involvedacttake actiontake measurestake a handmediatearbitrateintermediate

    step on it

    informal hurry upget a move onspeed upgo fasterbe quick informalget crackingget movingstep on the gasrattle one's dagsBritish informalget one's skates onstir one's stumpsNorth American informalget a wiggle onSouth African informalput foot datedmake haste

    step something up

  • 1 the army stepped up its offensive in the north
    increase, intensify, strengthen, augment, escalate, scale up, boost
    informal up, crank up
  • 2 I stepped up my pace
    speed up, increase, accelerate, quicken, hasten
    [Antonyms] decrease
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