Synonyms of stew in English:



  • a beef stew
  • Phrases

    in a stew

    informal she's in a right old stew
    [Antonyms] cool, calm, relaxed, laid-back
    agitated, anxious, in a state of nerves, nervous, in a state of agitation, in a panic, worked up, keyed up, overwrought, wrought up, flustered, flurried, in a pother
    informal in a flap, in a state, all of a dither, in a sweat, in a tizz/tizzy, in a tiz-woz, all of a lather, het up, in a twitter
    North American informal in a twit
    Australian/New Zealand informal toey
    dated overstrung


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  • 1 stew the meat for an hour or so
    braise, casserole, fricassee, simmer, boil;
    South African smoor
    archaic seethe
  • 2 informal there's no point stewing over it
    worry, fret, agonize, be anxious, be nervous, be agitated, get in a panic, get worked up, get in a fluster, get overwrought
    informal get in a flap, get in a state, get in a tizz/tizzy, get in a tiz-woz, get in a sweat, get steamed up, get in a lather
  • 3 informal the girls sat stewing in the heat
    swelter, be very hot, perspire, sweat
    informal roast, bake, be boiling
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