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Synonyms of stock in English:


  • 1 cash-and-carry outlets rely on a rapid turnover of stock
    merchandise, goods, wares, items/articles for sale, commodities
    rare vendibles
  • 2 a stock of fuel he had a good stock of jokes
    fund, bank, pool, mine, repertoire, repertory, inventory;
    collection, selection, assortment, variety, range
    rare amassment
  • 3 all the stock were housed and fed in sheds
    livestock, farm animals, cattle, beasts;
    cows, sheep, pigs, horses, oxen, goats;
  • 4 the railway's in-service stock is being repainted
    machinery, equipment, apparatus, appliances, implements
  • 5 the value of the company's stock rose by 86 per cent
    capital, funds, assets, property
  • 6 stock owned by foreign investors blue-chip stocks
  • 7 I felt I was right but my stock was low with this establishment
  • 8 he sighed and threw up his hands in a way that betrayed his French stock
    rare filiation, stirps
  • 9 a pint of chicken stock
    French bouillon
  • 10 the stock of a tree
    technical caudex
  • 11 the stock of a weapon
  • Phrases

    in stock
    we can order a book for you if we don't have it in stock
    take stock of
    you need to take stock of the situation first
    review, assess, reassess, weigh up, appraise, evaluate, re-evaluate, look carefully at, make an appraisal of;
    see how the land lies
    informal size up


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  • 1 the rug comes in six stock sizes
    standard, regular, ordinary, average;
    readily available, widely available;
    [Antonyms] non-standard
  • 2 that has been the stock response to previous economic slowdowns
    informal corny, old hat, hacky
    [Antonyms] original, unusual
  • verb

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  • 1 most supermarkets now stock a range of organic produce
    sell, market;
    supply, keep, keep in stock, have, have for sale, carry, handle;
    offer, provide;
  • 2 the bathroom was stocked with a variety of expensive toilet articles
  • 3 I must stock up the fridge
    fill, fill up, load, restock, replenish
  • 4 you'd better stock up with fuel
    amass supplies of, obtain a store of, buy up, stockpile, lay in, put away, put aside, put down, store up, collect, gather, accumulate, hoard, cache
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