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  • 1 the aircraft continued on a straight course a long, straight road
    unswerving, undeviating, linear, direct, as straight as an arrow, uncurving, unbending
    [Antonyms] winding zigzag
  • 2 one of us must have knocked that picture—it's not straight
    level, even, true, in line, aligned, square, plumb, properly positioned; symmetrical; vertical, upright, perpendicular; horizontal
    [Antonyms] crooked askew
  • 3 it'll take a long time to get the place straight
    in order, tidy, neat and tidy, neat, shipshape (and Bristol fashion), in apple-pie order, orderly, spick and span, organized, arranged, sorted out, straightened out, trim, spruce
    informal together
    [Antonyms] untidy messy
  • 5 action is never effective without straight thinking
    logical, rational, clear, lucid, sound, coherent, unemotional, dispassionate
    [Antonyms] irrational illogical
  • 7 straight brandy
    [Antonyms] diluted
  • 8 informal she won't stand for anything like that—she's too straight
    respectable, upright, upstanding, honourable, honest, on the level, decent, right-minded, law-abiding; conventional, conservative, traditional, conformist, old-fashioned, strait-laced, unadventurous
  • adverb

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  • 1 he looked me straight in the eyes the ball hit him straight on the head
    right, directly, squarely, full, plumb
    informal smack, bang, slap bang
    North American informal spang, smack dab
  • 2 she drove straight home
    directly, right, by a direct route, without deviating, in a beeline; as the crow flies, by the shortest route
  • 3 I'll call you straight back
    [Antonyms] later eventually
  • 4 I told her straight that it was over
    frankly, directly, straight out, candidly, honestly, forthrightly, outspokenly, plainly, point-blank, bluntly, flatly, roundly, straight from the shoulder, with no holds barred, without beating about the bush, without mincing words, unequivocally, unambiguously, in plain English, to someone's face
    informal pulling no punches
    British informal straight up
  • 5 he's so wound up over you he can't think straight
  • Phrases

    go straight

    [Antonyms] reoffend
    reformmend one's waysturn over a new leafmake a fresh start informalget back on the straight and narrow

    straight away

    okay, I'll get on to it straight away
    [Antonyms] later eventually
    at onceright awaynowright nowthis/that (very) minutethis/that instantimmediatelyinstantlyin/like a flashdirectlyon the spotforthwithwithout further/more adopromptlyquicklywithout delaythen and therethere and thenhere and soon as possibleas quickly as possiblewith all speedNorth Americanin short orderFrenchtout de suite informalstraight offtoot sweetdouble quickin double quick timep.d.q. (pretty damn quick)prontobefore you can say Jack Robinsonfrom the word goNorth American informallickety-splitIndian informalekdam archaicstraightstraightwayinstanterforthright

    straight from the shoulder

    he spoke straight from the shoulder
    [Antonyms] evasively
    franklycandidlyhonestlydirectlyforthrightlybluntlyplainlyroundlyexplicitlyoutspokenlyunequivocallyunambiguouslywith no holds barredwithout beating about the bushwithout mincing wordsman to manwoman to woman informalpulling no punches

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