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  • 4 Jennifer struck the ball into the back of the net
    hit, drive, propel, force
    informal clout, wallop, slam, swipe, welly
    British informal welly
  • 5 he struck a match and lit the oil lamp
    ignite, light
    he struck a match and lit the oil lamp
    [Antonyms] extinguish
  • 6 she was counting the day's takings when the killer struck
    attack, make an attack/assault, set upon someone, fall on someone, assault someone
  • 8 democratic societies must strike a balance between order and freedom
    achieve, reach, arrive at, find, attain, effect, establish
  • 9 we have struck a satisfactory bargain
    agree, agree on, come to an agreement on, settle on, sign, endorse, ratify, sanction
    informal clinch
  • 10 the picture showed him striking a heroic pose
    assume, adopt, take on, take up, affect, feign, put on
    North American informal cop
  • 13 you strike me as an intelligent young woman
    seem to, appear to, look to; give someone the impression of being; impress, affect, have an impact on
  • 17 he ordered the driver to strike south towards the Thames
    go, make one's way, set out, head, direct one's footsteps, move towards


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strike back

the mayor struck back, threatening to sue fight backretaliatehit backrespondreactreplyreciprocatecounterattackreturn firereturn the complimentput up a fighttake the baitrise to the baitreturn like for likeget back at someonegetgive tit for tatgive as good as one getslet someone see how it feelsgive someone a dose/taste of their own medicinehave/get/take one's revengetake/exact/wreak revengebe revengedrevenge oneselfavenge oneselftake reprisalsget eveneven the scoresettle a/the scoresettle accountspay someone back (in their own coin)pay someone outrepay someoneexact retributiontake an eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth) informalgive someone their comeuppanceBritish informalget one's own back raregive someone a Roland for an Oliver

strike something out

deletecross outeraserub outobliterate

strike something up

  • 1 the accompanist struck up ‘Land of Hope and Glory’
    begin to play, start to play, begin/start/commence playing, embark on
  • 2 we struck up a friendship
    begin, start, embark on, set going, initiate, instigate, establish
    formal commence

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