Synonyms of strip in English:



  • 1 he stripped and got into bed
    undress, strip off, take one's clothes off, remove one's clothes, shed one's clothes, unclothe, disrobe, strip naked, denude oneself, expose oneself, reveal oneself, uncover oneself
    informal peel off
    dated divest oneself of one's clothes
    [Antonyms] dress
  • 2 you'll have to strip off the paint
    peel, remove, take off, flake, scrape, scratch, shave, abrade, rub, clear, clean;
    pare, skin, flay
  • 3 the university stripped him of his doctorate
    take away from, dispossess, deprive, confiscate, divest, relieve, deny, rob
  • 4 the mechanics are stripping down my engine
    dismantle, disassemble, take to pieces, take to bits, take apart, break up, demolish
    [Antonyms] construct, assemble
  • 5 the house had been stripped of everything of value
    literary despoil
    archaic spoil, reave
  • noun

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  • he led out an England team sporting a new strip
    British kit
    informal gear, get-up
    British informal rig-out
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    Synonyms of strip in English:



  • cut a strip of paper 12cm wide
    narrow piece, piece, bit, band, belt, ribbon, sash, stripe, bar, swathe, slip, fillet, shred
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