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Synonyms of strut in English:


  • he strutted around his vast office
    swagger, swank, parade, prance, flounce, stride, sweep;
    walk confidently, walk arrogantly
    North American informal sashay
    rare peacock
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    strut, swagger, parade
    These words all refer to types of ostentatious movement.Strut refers to a stiff, erect movement suggesting aggressive self-importance ( he strutted around his vast office like a peacock). There is often a suggestion that this self-importance is combined with other qualities that the writer or speaker finds obnoxious ( a strutting bully), or that it is used to conceal feelings of inadequacy ( a small man's strutting arrogance | he strutted angrily and aimlessly off). It is frequently also used of birds such as peacocks, pheasants, cockerels, and chickens.To swagger is to walk with an easier, more expansive and swinging movement, reflecting arrogant self-confidence ( he swaggered around the room in his new uniform).Someone who is parading is walking in a way that is calculated to draw attention ( I've seen her parading round the village in her fur coat and jewellery).
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