Synonyms of superior in English:



  • 1 a superior officer had never apologized to him before
    [Antonyms] inferior, junior
  • 2 the superior candidate
    better, more expert, more skilful, more advanced;
    worthier, fitter, preferred, predominant, prevailing, surpassing
    [Antonyms] inferior, worse
  • 3 they recognized the value of superior workmanship
    finer, better, higher-grade, higher-calibre, surpassing, of higher quality, greater, grander;
    supreme, accomplished, expert, consummate
    [Antonyms] inferior, low-quality
  • 4 a very superior chocolate
    choice, select, exclusive, rare, singular, unique, prime, prize, upmarket, fine, excellent, superb, distinguished, exceptional, outstanding, marvellous, superlative, special;
    best, choicest, finest, matchless, peerless, unequalled, perfect, flawless;
    chiefly US top of the line;
    [Antonyms] inferior, low-quality
  • 5 a superior hotel
    British upmarket
    informal classy, posh, snobby
    [Antonyms] inferior, downmarket
  • 6 Jake regarded her with superior amusement
    [Antonyms] humble, modest
  • noun

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  • my immediate superior in the department
    manager, boss, chief, supervisor, senior, controller, headman, foreman
    [Antonyms] inferior, subordinate, assistant
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