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Synonyms of surprise in English:


  • 1 Kate looked at me in surprise
  • 2 the test was supposed to come as a big surprise
    shock, bolt from/out of the blue, thunderbolt, bombshell, revelation, source of amazement, rude awakening, eye-opener
    informal start
    turn up for the books, shocker, whammy
  • verb

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  • 1 I was so surprised when I got the letter telling me about the award that I burst into tears
    astonish, amaze, nonplus, startle, astound, stun, flabbergast, stagger, shock, stop someone in their tracks, stupefy, leave open-mouthed, take someone's breath away, dumbfound, daze, benumb, confound, take aback, jolt, shake up
    informal bowl over, knock for six, floor, blow someone's mind, strike dumb
  • 2 it seems that she surprised a burglar and he attacked her
    take by surprise, catch unawares, catch off guard, catch red-handed, catch in the act, catch napping, catch out, burst in on, catch someone with their trousers/pants down, catch in flagrante delicto
    British informal catch on the hop
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