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  • 1 the coat had made her so hot that she was sweating heavily
    perspire, swelter, exude perspiration, drip with perspiration/sweat, be pouring with sweat, break out in a sweat, glow, be damp, be wet, secrete
    informal be in a muck sweat, sweat buckets, sweat like a pig
    rare sudate
  • 3 I sweated over my mistakes
    worry, agonize, fuss, panic, fret, dither, lose sleep, be on tenterhooks, be in a state of anxiety, be in a state of agitation, be in a state of nervousness
    informal be on pins and needles, be in a state, be in a flap, be in a tiz-woz, be in a stew, be in a lather, bite one's nails, torture oneself, torment oneself

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