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Synonyms of taboo in English:


  • the taboo against healing on the sabbath
    prohibition, proscription, veto, interdiction, interdict, ban, restriction, boycott, non-acceptance, anathema
    [Antonyms] acceptance, encouragement
  • adjective

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  • drinking, smoking, and gambling in his father's house were all taboo taboo language
    forbidden, prohibited, banned, proscribed, vetoed, ruled out, interdicted, outlawed, not permitted, not allowed, illegal, illicit, unlawful, impermissible, not acceptable, restricted, frowned on, beyond the pale, off limits, out of bounds;
    unmentionable, unspeakable, unutterable, ineffable, censored;
    rude, impolite, indecorous, dirty;
    German verboten;
    Islam  haram;
    New Zealand  tapu
    informal no go
    rare non licet
    [Antonyms] permitted, acceptable, encouraged
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