Synonyms of tail in English:



  • 1 the dog's tail began to wag frantically
    hindmost part, back end, appendage; brush, scut, dock; tailpiece, tail feathers; hind part, hindquarters
    technical cauda, uropygium
    [Antonyms] front head
  • 2 new items are added on to the tail of the queue
    rear, end, back, extremity, conclusion; bottom, lowest part
    British informal fag end
    [Antonyms] head front
  • 3 the tail of the hunting season
    close, end, conclusion, termination, tail end
    [Antonyms] beginning start
  • 4 informal I can't put a tail on him, I don't know where he's gone
    detective, investigator, private investigator, shadow
    informal sleuth, private eye, tec
    North American informal gumshoe, bogey, dick, private dick, shamus
  • 5North American informal the coach kicked Ryan in his tail See buttocks
  • Phrases

    on someone's tail

    a police car stayed on his tail for half a mileclose behind someonefollowing someone closely(hard) on someone's heelstailing someone

    turn tail

    I was so shocked I just turned tail and ran home as fast as I could
    [Antonyms] stand one's ground
    run awayfleeboltmake offtake to one's heelsshow someone a clean pair of heelscut and runbeat a (hasty) retreat informalscramscarperskedaddlevamoose


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  • informal a flock of paparazzi had tailed them all over London
    follow, shadow, stalk, trail, track, hunt, hound, dog, trace, pursue, chase, give chase to, run after, keep under surveillance
  • Phrases

    tail back

    traffic tailed back fourteen milesbecome congestedform a tailbackjam

    tail off/away

    the old lady's voice tailed off
    [Antonyms] increase get more intense
    fadewaneebbdwindledecreaselessenget lessdiminishdeclinesubsideabatedrop offdrop awayfall awaypeter outtaper offlet upease offdie awaydie outdie downgo into declinewaste awayrecederelentdesistweakencome to an end

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    caudal, cercal relating to a tail

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