Synonyms of tap in English:

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tap 1


  • 1 she turned the cold tap on full
    North American  faucet, spigot
  • 2 they were found attempting to place a phone tap in the embassy
    listening device, wiretap, wire, bug, bugging device, hidden microphone, receiver
  • Phrases

    on tap
  • 1 there are about half a dozen beers on tap
    on draught, cask-conditioned, real-ale, from barrels, not bottled/canned
  • 2 informal trained staff are on tap from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • verb

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  • 1 several barrels had been tapped to celebrate
    draw liquid from, drain, bleed, milk;
    broach, open, pierce, puncture
  • 2 in the cellar, butlers were tapping ale
    pour (out), draw off, siphon off, pump out, decant, extract, withdraw, remove
  • 3 the party leaders say that their telephones are tapped
    listen in on/to, wiretap, eavesdrop on, spy on, monitor, overhear
    informal bug, snoop on, get on record
  • 4 its resources were to be tapped for the benefit of all mankind
    draw on, exploit, milk, make use of, put to use, use, utilize, open up, mine, turn to account
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    Synonyms of tap in English:

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    tap 2


  • 1 she tapped on Lucy's door
    knock, rap, strike, beat, drum, peck
  • 2 Dad leant forward and tapped me on the knee
    touch, pat, nudge, strike lightly, slap lightly, jab, poke, dig, shove, hit
  • noun

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  • 1 there was a sharp tap at the door
    knock, rap, strike, beat, peck;
    knocking, tapping, rapping, drumming, patter, pattering
  • 2 Jack was startled by a tap on the shoulder
    touch, pat, nudge, light blow, light slap, jab, poke, dig, shove, pressure
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