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  • 1 they will have to pay tax on interest earned by savings
    levy, tariff, duty, toll, excise, impost, contribution, assessment, tribute, tithe, charge, fee;
    customs, dues;
    Scottish , Irish , & Indian cess
    [Antonyms] rebate
  • 2 a heavy tax on the reader's attention
    burden, load, weight, encumbrance, demand, strain, pressure, stress, drain, imposition;
    responsibility, duty, onus, obligation, care, worry
  • verb

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  • 1 the president pledged to tax foreign companies more harshly
    levy a tax on, impose a toll on, charge duty on, exact a tax on, demand a tax on;
    assess, charge, tithe
    rare mulct
  • 2 Basil's constant whining and struggling was taxing her strength
    strain, stretch, put a strain on, make demands on, weigh heavily on, weigh down;
    burden, load, overload, encumber, push, push too far;
    overwhelm, try, task, wear out, exhaust, sap, drain, empty, enervate, fatigue, tire, weary, weaken, overwork
  • 3 Curzon taxed him with starting a revolution
    confront, accuse, call to account, charge, blame, censure, condemn, denounce;
    prosecute, bring charges against, indict, arraign, incriminate;
    North American impeach
    informal point the finger at
    [Antonyms] clear, exonerate
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