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Synonyms of tease in English:


  • the other girls teased her about her accent
    make fun of, poke fun at, chaff, make jokes about, rag, mock, laugh at, guy, satirize, be sarcastic about;
    taunt, bait, goad, pick on
    informal take the mickey out of, send up, rib, josh, wind up, have on, pull someone's leg, make a monkey of
    North American informal goof on, rag on, put on, pull someone's chain, razz, fun, shuck
    Australian/New Zealand informal poke mullock at, poke borak at, sling off at, chiack
    Cricket , informal sledge
    British vulgar slang take the piss out of
    British informal, dated rot
    archaic quiz, smoke, flout at, rally
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