Synonyms of temper in English:



  • 1 Drew had walked out in a temper
    fit of rage, rage, fury, fit of bad/ill temper, bad temper, tantrum, passion, paroxysm; fit of pique, bad mood, mood, pet, sulk
    informal grump, huff, snit
    British informal strop, paddy
    British informal , dated bate, wax, skid
    North American informal blowout, hissy fit
    archaic paddywhack, miff
  • 3 she struggled to keep her temper
  • 4 he was of a placid temper
    temperament, disposition, nature, character, personality, make-up, constitution, mind, spirit, stamp, mettle, mould; mood, frame of mind, cast of mind, habit of mind, attitude
    archaic humour, grain
  • Phrases

    lose one's temper

    suddenly, Maria lost her temperbecome very angryfly into a rageexplodeblow uperuptlose controlgo berserkbreathe firebegin to rant and raveflare upboil over informalgo madgo crazygo wildgo bananashave a fitsee redfly off the handleblow one's topblow a fuseblow a gasketdo one's nuthit the roofgo through the roofgo up the wallgo off the deep endlose one's coolgo apeflipflip one's lidlose one's raglose itfreak outbe fit to be tiedbe foaming at the mouthburst a blood vesselget one's dander upgo non-linearBritish informalgo sparego crackersthrow a wobblyget one's knickers in a twistNorth American informalflip one's wigAustralian/New Zealand informalgo crook vulgar slanggo apeshit


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  • 1 the steel is tempered by heat treatment
    harden, strengthen, toughen, fortify
    technical anneal
  • 2 their idealism is tempered with realism
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