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Synonyms of term in English:


  • 1 a dictionary of current scientific and technical terms
  • 2 (terms) a protest in the strongest possible terms
    language, mode of expression, manner of speaking, phraseology, terminology;
  • 3 (terms) a legal document which sets out the terms of the contract
  • 4 (terms) a policy offering the same cover and benefits on more favourable terms
  • 5 the President is elected for a single four-year term
    period, period of time, time, length of time, spell, stint, duration;
    interval, stretch, run, phase;
    term of office, period of office, incumbency, administration
  • 6 the summer term
    North American  semester, trimester, quarter
  • Phrases

    come to terms
  • 1 Charles V and Charles of Navarre came to terms
    reach (an) agreement/understanding, come to an agreement/understanding, make a deal, reach a compromise, meet each other halfway, establish a middle ground, be reconciled
  • 2 Philippa eventually came to terms with her situation
    accept, come to accept, become reconciled to, reconcile oneself to, reach an acceptance (of), get used to, become accustomed to, adjust to, accommodate oneself to, acclimatize oneself to;
    learn to live with, become resigned to, make the best of;
    face up to
  • in terms of
    replacing the printers is difficult to justify in terms of cost
    on … terms
    the two families were on friendly terms
    in a … relationship (with), having … relations (with), on a … footing (with)


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  • he has been termed the father of modern theology
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