Synonyms of terrible in English:



  • 1 a terrible crime he suffered terrible head injuries
    [Antonyms] minor negligible insignificant
  • 2 there was a terrible smell in the room
    [Antonyms] nice delightful lovely pleasant
  • 3 Blake was in terrible pain
    severe, extreme, intense, excruciating, agonizing, unbearable, intolerable, unendurable, insufferable
    [Antonyms] slight
  • 4 that's a terrible thing to say about anyone
    unkind, nasty, unpleasant, foul, obnoxious, vile, contemptible, despicable, wretched, shabby; spiteful, mean, malicious, poisonous, mean-spirited, cruel, hateful, hurtful; unfair, uncharitable, uncalled for, below the belt, unacceptable, unwarranted
    informal dirty, filthy, dirty rotten, low-down, beastly, off
    British informal out of order
    vulgar slang shitty
    [Antonyms] kind nice
  • 5 I'm terrible at maths Tom was a terrible father
    very bad, dreadful, awful, frightful, atrocious, hopeless, poor, inadequate, inferior, unsatisfactory, laughable, substandard
    informal crummy, pathetic, pitiful, useless, lousy, appalling, abysmal, dire
    British informal duff, chronic, poxy, rubbish, pants, a load of pants
    North American vulgar slang chickenshit
    [Antonyms] brilliant
  • 6 informal you're a terrible flirt the place was in a terrible mess
    incorrigible, outrageous, great, extreme; real, awful, dreadful, frightful, shocking
    informal impossible, fearful
    British informal right, proper
    [Antonyms] a bit of a
  • 7 I feel terrible—I've been in bed all day
    ill, unwell, poorly, bad, indisposed, sick, queasy, nauseous, nauseated, peaky, liverish, out of sorts, green about the gills; faint, dizzy, giddy, light-headed; Britishoff, off colour
    informal under the weather, rough, lousy, awful, dreadful, crummy
    British informal grotty, ropy
    Scottish informal wabbit, peely-wally
    Australian/New Zealand informal crook
    vulgar slang crappy
    dated queer, seedy
    rare peaked, peakish
    [Antonyms] well
  • 8 he still feels terrible about what he did to John
    [Antonyms] untroubled easy in one's mind
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