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Synonyms of terrific in English:


  • 1 there was a terrific bang
    tremendous, huge, massive, gigantic, colossal, mighty, great, very great, very big, prodigious, formidable, sizeable, considerable;
    intense, extreme, extraordinary, excessive, inordinate
    informal mega, whopping, whopping great, humongous
    British informal whacking, whacking great, ginormous
    [Antonyms] slight, imperceptible
  • 2 informal a terrific game of top-quality football you look terrific!
    consummate, perfect
    informal super, great, smashing, amazing, amazeballs, fantastic, tremendous, phenomenal, sensational, incredible, heavenly, divine, stellar, gorgeous, dreamy, grand, fabulous, fab, fabby, fantabulous, brill, awesome, magic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, ace, crack, cool, mean, bad, wicked, mega, crucial, mind-blowing, far out, A1, sound, out of this world, marvy, spanking
    British informal brilliant, brill, bosting
    North American informal peachy, dandy, jim-dandy, neat, badass, boss, radical, rad, boffo, bully, bitching, bodacious, crackerjack
    Australian/New Zealand informal beaut, bonzer
    South African informal kif, lank
    black English dope, def, phat
    informal, , dated groovy
    British informal, , dated capital, champion, wizard, corking, cracking, ripping, spiffing, top-hole, topping, beezer
    North American informal, , dated swell, keen
    vulgar slang shit-hot
    archaic goodly
    [Antonyms] dreadful, awful, horrible
  • 3 archaic terrific scenes of slaughter and destruction See dreadful (sense 1)
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