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Synonyms of thick in English:


  • 1 the walls are five feet thick
    in extent/diameter, across, wide, broad, deep
  • 2 his short, thick legs
    stocky, sturdy, chunky, dumpy, hefty, thickset, beefy, meaty, broad, large, big, bulky, solid, substantial;
    fat, stout, plump
    [Antonyms] thin, slender
  • 3 a thick Aran sweater
    [Antonyms] thin, light, lightweight
  • 4 the station was thick with people
    full of, cram-full of, overrun by, abounding in
    informaljam-packed, chock-a-block, stuffed, chock-full of
    Australian/New Zealand informalchocker
    (thick with people) British informallike Piccadilly Circus
  • 5 the thick summer vegetation
    plentiful, abundant, profuse, luxuriant, bushy, rich, riotous, exuberant;
    dense, close-packed, concentrated, crowded, condensed, compact, impenetrable, impassable;
    [Antonyms] meagre, sparse
  • 6 a thick paste
    semi-solid, firm, stiff, stiffened, heavy;
    rareinspissated, viscoid
    [Antonyms] runny
  • 7 a motorway pile-up in thick fog
    dense, heavy, opaque, impenetrable, soupy, murky, smoggy
  • 8 informal he's a bit thick See stupid (sense 1)
  • 9 Guy's voice was thick with desire
    [Antonyms] clear, shrill
  • 10 a thick Scottish accent
    obvious, pronounced, marked, broad, strong, rich, decided, distinct, conspicuous, noticeable, identifiable
    [Antonyms] faint, vague
  • 11 she's very thick with him
    friendly, intimate, familiar, on friendly/good terms, on the best of terms, hand in glove;
    [Antonyms] unfriendly
  • Phrases

    a bit thick

    British informal I thought this was a bit thick and tried to defend myself
    informalbelow the belt, a bit much, off
    British informalout of order
    Australian/New Zealand informalover the fence


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  • in the thick of the crisis
    midst, centre, hub, middle, core, heart;
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