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  • why don't you have a think about it?
    ponder, muse, spell/period of deliberation/reflection/contemplation


think better of

Lisa was about to say no, but then she thought better of it have second thoughts aboutthink twice aboutthink again aboutchange one's mind aboutreconsiderdecide against informalget cold feet about

think nothing of

he thinks nothing of getting up at two or three o'clock in the morning consider normalconsider usualconsider routinetake in one's stridenot think twice abouthave no problems withhave no compunction abouthave no hesitation about

think something over

she went home to think over his offer considercontemplatedeliberate aboutweigh upconsider the pros and cons ofmull overponderreflect onmuse onruminate on

think something up

the idea was thought up by one of my technology students devisedream upcome up withinventcreateconcoctcontriveimprovisemake uphit on

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