Synonyms of throw in English:



  • 1 she threw their ball back
    hurl, toss, fling, pitch, cast, lob, launch, flip, catapult, shy, dash, aim, direct, project, propel, send, bowl
    informal chuck, heave, sling, buzz, whang, bung
    North American informal peg
    Australian informal hoy
    New Zealand informal bish
    [Antonyms] catch hold
  • 2 he threw the door open
    move quickly/suddenly, push suddenly/violently, thrust, fling, propel, shoot, slam, smack, bang, crash, thump, push, force
    informal plonk
  • 3 a chandelier threw its bright light over the walls
    project, cast, send, give off, emit, radiate
  • 4 Cheryl drew back her fist and threw another punch
    deliver, give, land
    [Antonyms] pull
  • 5 she threw him a glance
    direct, cast, send, dart, shoot, bestow on, give
  • 6 he was thrown twice in the final round
    fell, throw to the ground, hurl to the ground, unbalance, bring down, floor, prostrate
  • 7 the horse threw his rider
    unseat, dislodge, upset, bring down
  • 8 his question threw me
    disconcert, unnerve, fluster, ruffle, flurry, agitate, harass, upset, disturb, discomfit, put off, put someone off their stroke, throw off balance, make nervous, discompose, discountenance, cause someone to lose their composure; perturb, unsettle, bother, affect, worry, disquiet, trouble, confuse
    informal rattle, faze, put into a flap, throw into a tizz, discombobulate, shake up
  • 9 if only he could find the switch to throw
    operate, switch on, click on, engage, move
  • 10 the pots were thrown on a wheel
    shape, form, mould, fashion
  • 11 he threw a farewell party for them
    give, host, hold, have, provide, put on, lay on, arrange, organize
  • Phrases

    throw something away

  • 1 he decided to throw away his textbooks and get some practical experience
    discard, throw out, dispose of, get rid of, do away with, toss out, scrap, throw on the scrapheap, clear out, remove, dispense with, lose, eliminate, dump, unload, jettison, shed, dismiss, expel, eject, weed out, root out; recycle, break up, demolish, write off
    British informal get shot of, see the back of
    North American informal trash, shuck off, wreck
    [Antonyms] keep
  • 2 Cambridge threw away a 15–0 lead
    squander, waste, fritter away, dissipate, run through, fail to exploit, make poor use of, lose, let slip
    informal blow, pour/chuck something down the drain
    [Antonyms] exploit
  • throw someone off

    she thought she had thrown off her pursuershake offget away fromescapeeludegive someone the slipleave behindthrow off the scentdodgeloseget rid ofrid oneself ofoutdistanceoutstripBritish informalget shot of

    throw something off

    he shrugged, trying to throw off the painget rid ofcast offdiscardshake offdropjettisonfree/rid oneself of

    throw something on

    she threw on her clothesput on quicklypull ondrag ondon quicklyslip into

    throw someone out

    Jim was thrown out when he climbed on to the stage the government was thrown out after only eight monthsexpelejectevictdrive outforce outoustremoveremove from office/powerget rid ofdeposetoppleunseatoverthrowbring downoverturnput outdrum outthrust outpush outturn outdismissdislodgedisplacesupplantshow someone the doorbanishdeportexile informalboot outkick outgive someone the bootdefenestrateBritish informalturf out

    throw something out

  • 1 I was continually having to throw out mouldy furniture See throw something away
  • 2 his case was thrown out because an industrial tribunal was not entitled to deal with it
    reject, dismiss, turn down, say ‘no’ to, refuse, disallow, veto, squash
    informal give the thumbs down to, give the red light to
  • 3 a thermal light bulb throws out a lot of heat
    radiate, emit, give off, send out, diffuse, disseminate, disperse
  • throw someone over

    he's going to throw you over for your sisterabandonleavedesertdiscardturn one's back oncast asidecast offjiltbreak up withfinish withleave in the lurchleave high and dryleave stranded informaldumpditchchuckdropwalk out onrun out onrat onleave flatBritish informalgive someone the pushgive someone the elbowgive someone the big Ebin off archaicforsake

    throw something together

    I'm sorry about the tuna salad, I just sort of threw it togetherimprovisecontrivedevisethrow togethercobble togetherconcoctrigjury-rigput togetherBritish informalknock up informalwhip upfix uprustle up

    throw up

    informal she threw up in the guttervomitretchcough upbring upregurgitateheavegagBritishbe sickNorth Americanget sick informalpukechunderchuck uphurlspewdo the technicolor yawnkeckBritish informalhonksick upvomScottish informalbokeNorth American informalspit upbarfupchucktoss one's cookiesblow chunks

    throw something up

    throwing up his career would have meant the end of financial supportgive upabandonrelinquishresign (from)leaveeschewabdicate informalquitchuckpack injack in


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  • 1 we were allowed two throws each
    lob, pitch, flip, shy, go; bowl, ball; hurl, toss, fling, cast
    informal chuck, heave, sling
  • 2 informal drinks are only £1 a throw
    each, apiece, per item, for one
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