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  • 1 she thrust her hands into her pockets he tried to thrust his way past her
    shove, push, propel, impel; send, press, drive, plunge, stick, force, shoot, ram, barge, bump, knock, strike, hit, jolt, butt, prod, poke, nudge, elbow, shoulder; bulldoze, sweep, jostle, bundle, hustle, hurry, rush, manhandle
  • 2 he felt that fame had been thrust upon him
    impose, force, foist, push, unload, inflict, obtrude, press, urge; (thrust something on someone)saddle someone with, land someone with, burden someone with, lumber someone with
  • noun

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  • 1 he gave the gate a hard thrust
    shove, push, ram, prod, poke, stab, jab, lunge, drive, barge, bump, bang, jolt, butt, knock, nudge
  • 2 a sudden armoured thrust into the city
    advance, push, drive, charge, attack, assault, onslaught, onrush, offensive, sortie, foray, raid, sally, invasion, incursion, blitz, campaign
    archaic onset
  • 3 he countered this verbal attack with some choice thrusts of his own
    barbed remark, verbal attack/assault, barb, hostile remark, insult; criticism, censure, vitriol
  • 4 only one engine is producing thrust
    force, motive force, propulsive force, propulsion, drive, driving force, actuation, impetus, impulse, impulsion, momentum, push, pressure, power
  • 5 they failed to grasp the thrust of the speech
    gist, substance, drift, implication, intention, burden, meaning, significance, signification, sense, essence, thesis, import, purport, tenor, message, spirit
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