Synonyms of thunder in English:



  • 1 thunder and lightning
    thunderclap, thunder crack, thunder roll, roll of thunder, peal of thunder, rumble of thunder, crack of thunder, crash of thunder, rumbling, crashing, roar
    literary thunderbolt
  • 2 she heard the thunder of hooves behind her
  • verb

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  • 1 below me the surf thrashed and thundered
    rumble, boom, roar, blast, pound, thud, thump, bang, ring, grumble, growl, resound, reverberate, echo, beat
  • 2 he thundered on about Italy's invasion of Abyssinia
    protest strongly at, make a protest against, fulminate against, inveigh against, rail against, rage against, declaim against, remonstrate about, expostulate about, make a fuss about, speak out against, express disapproval of; object to, raise objections to, take issue with, oppose strongly, complain vociferously/bitterly about, disagree violently with, kick against, take exception to, make/take a stand against, put up a fight against, challenge, curse; condemn, criticize severely, denounce, censure
    informal kick up a fuss/stink about
  • 3 ‘Answer me,’ he thundered
    roar, bellow, bark, yell, shout, bawl, howl, cry, clamour, bay, scream, screech; growl, yowl
    North American informal holler
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    brontophobia, tonitrophobia, keraunophobia fear of thunder

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