Synonyms of tighten in English:



  • 1 when the structure is flat, tighten up the fixing screws
    secure, make fast, make more secure, screw up, give an extra turn to
    [Antonyms] loosen
  • 2 he tightened his grip on her arm
    strengthen, make stronger, reinforce, harden, consolidate
    [Antonyms] loosen
  • 3 she tightened the rope about his ankles
    tauten, make/draw taut, make/draw tight, stretch, strain, extend, make rigid, rigidify, stiffen, tense
    [Antonyms] slacken
  • 4 my throat tightened he tightened his lips
    narrow, become narrow/narrower, become tight/tighter, become pinched; constrict, contract, brace, draw in, compress, screw up, pucker, purse; North Americansquinch
    rare constringe
    [Antonyms] relax
  • 5 councillors have asked supermarkets to tighten up car park security
    increase, make stricter, make more rigorous, make more stringent, make more rigid, stiffen, toughen (up), heighten, escalate, scale up
    informal up, crank up, beef (up)
    [Antonyms] relax
  • Phrases

    tighten one's belt

    why dip into our savings, if we can tighten our belts instead?economizecut backmake cutbacksmake cutsretrenchhusband one's resourcesbudgetbe (more) economicalmake economiesbe thriftybe sparingbe frugalbuy (more) cheaplyuse lessreduce/decrease wastagescrimpscrimp and savescrimp and scrapecut cornersdraw in one's hornscount the/your pennieswatch the/your penniessave (money)cut expenditurecut costsNorth Americanpinch the/your pennies black Englishrake and scrape

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