Synonyms of till in English:


preposition & conjunction

  • 1 he stayed in bed till 7 I will look after you till you die
    until, up to, up till, up until, as late as, up to the time of/that, until such time as, pending;
    North American through
    [Antonyms] beyond, after
  • 2 ownership is not transferred till delivery
    [Antonyms] after
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    Synonyms of till in English:



  • she counted the money in the till there were queues at the till
    checkout, cash desk, pay desk, counter
  • Phrases

    have one's fingers/hand in the till

    he was caught with his fingers in the till and sacked
    steal, thieve, rob one's employer, help oneself, embezzle, misappropriate funds

    Definition of till in:

    Synonyms of till in English:



  • he went back to tilling the land
    cultivate, work, farm, plough, dig, spade, turn over, turn up, break up, loosen, harrow, prepare, fertilize, plant
    literary delve
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