Synonyms of toe in English:




on one's toes

unfamiliar situations keep us on our toesalertquick-wittedsharpbrightquickkeenperceptivewide awakeresponsiveagileacuteastute informalon the ballquick off the markquick on the uptakeall therewith itbright-eyed and bushy-tailedNorth American informalwhip-smart


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toe the line

the medical community needs to toe the line on informed consent
[Antonyms] rebel
conformfollow conventionbe conventionalfollow traditionfollow customfit inadaptadjustfollow the crowdrun with the packswim with the streamcomplyacquiescedo what one is toldtoe the lineobey the rulescomply with the rulesobserve the rulesabide by the rulesadhere to the rulesact in accordance with the rulesfollow the ruleskeep to the rulesstick to the rulessubmityield informalplay by the ruleskeep in stepgo with the flow

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