Synonyms of top in English:



  • 1 we walked along the top of the cliff
    summit, peak, pinnacle, crest, crown, brow, brink, ridge, head, highest point/part, mountaintop, tip, apex, vertex, acme, apogee
    [Antonyms] bottom base
  • 2 Mike tapped the top of the table with his knuckles
    upper part, upper surface, upper layer
  • 3 some growers clip off the carrots' green tops in the field
    leaves, shoots, stem, stalk
    [Antonyms] root
  • 4 she couldn't screw the top of the coffee jar on straight
    lid, cap, cover, stopper, cork, bung, plug
  • 5 United increased their lead at the top of the table
    high point, height, peak, pinnacle, zenith, acme, culmination, climax, crowning point, prime, meridian; success
    [Antonyms] low point, failure
  • 6 she was screaming at the top of her voice
    highest level, utmost extent
  • Phrases

    on top of that

    the field work was tiring, and there were household duties on top of thatas wellin additiontooalsobesidesinto the bargainto boot archaictherewithal

    over the top

    informal her reaction had been a bit over the top
    [Antonyms] moderate restrained
    excessiveimmoderateinordinateextremeover the limitexaggeratedextravagantoverblownoverripetoo muchunreasonableneedlessdisproportionateundueunwarranteduncalled forunnecessarygoing too far informala bit muchOTT


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  • 1 her office is on the top floor
    [Antonyms] bottom lowest
  • 2 some of the world's top scientists attended the conference
    foremost, leading, top-tier, principal, pre-eminent, greatest, finest, worthiest, highest, elite, A-list
    informal top-notch
  • 3 the top management of the organization
    chief, principal, main, leading, highest, high, high-ranking, ruling, commanding; most powerful, most important, prominent, eminent, notable, illustrious
  • 4 a top Paris hotel
    prime, excellent, superb, superior, choice, select, elite, quality, top-quality, top-grade, first-rate, first-class, top-class, high-grade, grade A, best, finest, premier, choicest, superlative, unsurpassed, unexcelled, unparalleled, peerless, second to none; Britishtop of the range; chiefly UStop of the line
    informal A1, top-notch, ace, crack
    [Antonyms] inferior mediocre
  • 5 they are travelling at top speed
    maximum, maximal, greatest, topmost, utmost
    [Antonyms] minimum lowest
  • verb

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  • 1 sales are expected to top £1.3 billion
    exceed, surpass, go beyond, transcend, better, best, beat, defeat, excel, outstrip, outdo, outshine, eclipse, surmount, improve on, go one better than, cap, trump, trounce
  • 2 their debut CD is currently topping the charts
    lead, head, be first in, be at the top of
  • 3 they topped a hill and began the run down the other side
    reach the top of, crest, climb, scale, ascend, mount, conquer
  • 4 chocolate sponge topped with white chocolate mousse
    cover, cap, crown, coat, overspread, finish, garnish
  • Phrases

    top something up

    he topped up his glass
    [Antonyms] empty finish
    fillrefillrefreshfreshenreplenishrechargeresupplysupplementadd toaugment

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