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Synonyms of top in English:


  • 1 we walked along the top of the cliff
    summit, peak, pinnacle, crest, crown, brow, brink, ridge, head, highest point/part, mountaintop, tip, apex, vertex, acme, apogee
    [Antonyms] bottom, base
  • 2 Mike tapped the top of the table with his knuckles
    upper part, upper surface, upper layer
  • 3 some growers clip off the carrots' green tops in the field
    leaves, shoots, stem, stalk
    [Antonyms] root
  • 4 she couldn't screw the top of the coffee jar on straight
    lid, cap, cover, stopper, cork, bung, plug
  • 5 United increased their lead at the top of the table
    [Antonyms] low point, failure
  • 6 she was screaming at the top of her voice
    highest level, utmost extent
  • Phrases

    on top of that
    the field work was tiring, and there were household duties on top of that
    archaic therewithal
    over the top
    informal her reaction had been a bit over the top
    [Antonyms] moderate, restrained
    excessive, immoderate, inordinate, extreme, over the limit, exaggerated, extravagant, overblown, overripe, too much, unreasonable, needless, disproportionate, undue, unwarranted, uncalled for, unnecessary, going too far
    informal a bit much, OTT


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  • 1 her office is on the top floor
    [Antonyms] bottom, lowest
  • 2 some of the world's top scientists attended the conference
    informal top-notch
  • 3 the top management of the organization
    chief, principal, main, leading, highest, high, high-ranking, ruling, commanding;
    most powerful, most important, prominent, eminent, notable, illustrious
  • 4 a top Paris hotel
    prime, excellent, superb, superior, choice, select, elite, quality, top-quality, top-grade, first-rate, first-class, top-class, high-grade, grade A, best, finest, premier, choicest, superlative, unsurpassed, unexcelled, unparalleled, peerless, second to none;
    British  top of the range;
    chiefly US  top of the line
    informal A1, top-notch, ace, crack
    [Antonyms] inferior, mediocre
  • 5 they are travelling at top speed
    maximum, maximal, greatest, topmost, utmost
    [Antonyms] minimum, lowest
  • verb

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  • 1 sales are expected to top £1.3 billion
    exceed, surpass, go beyond, transcend, better, best, beat, defeat, excel, outstrip, outdo, outshine, eclipse, surmount, improve on, go one better than, cap, trump, trounce
  • 2 their debut CD is currently topping the charts
    lead, head, be first in, be at the top of
  • 3 they topped a hill and began the run down the other side
    reach the top of, crest, climb, scale, ascend, mount, conquer
  • 4 chocolate sponge topped with white chocolate mousse
    cover, cap, crown, coat, overspread, finish, garnish
  • Phrases

    top something up
    he topped up his glass
    [Antonyms] empty, finish
    fill, refill, refresh, freshen, replenish, recharge, resupply;
    supplement, add to, augment
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