Synonyms of toy in English:



  • 1 a cuddly toy
    plaything, game
  • 2 an executive toy
    trinket, bauble, knick-knack, ornament, gewgaw, trifle, gimcrack, bagatelle, triviality; North Americankickshaw
    informal whatnot
    British informal doodah
  • adjective

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  • 1 a toy car
    model, miniature, imitation, make-believe, fake, simulation, artificial
    [Antonyms] real authentic
  • 2 a toy poodle
    miniature, small, tiny, fun-size, diminutive, dwarf, midget, pygmy
    [Antonyms] full-size big
  • verb

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    toy with

  • 1 I was toying with the idea of writing a book
    think idly about, play with, flirt with, trifle with, entertain the possibility of, consider, have thoughts about, argue the pros and cons of
  • 2 he had been toying with her that day on the river
  • 3 she could only toy with her food
    fidget with, play (about/around) with, fiddle (about/around) with, fool about/around with, tinker with, finger, twiddle (with); nibble, pick at, gnaw (at), peck at, pick over, eat listlessly, eat like a bird
    informal mess about/around with
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