Synonyms of transparent in English:



  • 1 a transparent plastic film
    [Antonyms] opaque cloudy
  • 2 a transparent dress
    [Antonyms] thick coarse
  • 3 the symbolism of this myth is transparent
    obvious, explicit, unambiguous, unequivocal, clear, lucid, straightforward, plain, (as) plain as the nose on your face, apparent, unmistakable, manifest, conspicuous, patent, indisputable, self-evident
    [Antonyms] obscure ambiguous
  • 5 parliament should render government transparent
    frank, open, candid, honest, direct, forthright, unreserved, plain-spoken, straight, straightforward, ingenuous, innocent, guileless, simple, artless; accountable
    informal upfront
    [Antonyms] cunning secretive
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    Pronunciation: ˈdɪŋkəm
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