Synonyms of trim in English:



  • 1 his straggly hair had been washed and trimmed
    cut, barber, crop, bob, shorten, clip, snip, shear; prune, pollard; mow; neaten, shape, tidy up, even up
  • 2 trim off the lower leaves using a sharp knife
  • 3 production and labour costs need to be trimmed
    reduce, decrease, make reductions in, cut down, cut back on, make cutbacks in, scale down, prune, slim down, pare down, salami-slice, dock, retrench on
  • 4 the story was severely trimmed for the film version
  • 5 a pair of black leather gloves trimmed with fake fur
  • noun

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  • 1 white curtains with a blue trim
    decoration, trimming, ornamentation, adornment, embellishment; border, edging, piping, purfling, rickrack, hem, fringe, frill
  • 2 an unruly mop in desperate need of a trim
  • Phrases

    in trim

    she keeps herself in trim with regular visits to the health clubfitfighting fitas fit as a fiddlein good healthin good conditionin fine fettleaerobicizedslimin shape


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  • 1 a cropped, fitted jacket looks trim with a long-line skirt
    smart, stylish, chic, spruce, dapper, elegant, crisp
    informal natty, sharp
    North American informal spiffy
    archaic trig
  • 2 a trim little villa
    neat, tidy, neat and tidy, as neat as a new pin, orderly, in (good) order, well kept, well looked-after, well maintained, shipshape (and Bristol fashion), in apple-pie order, immaculate, spick and span, uncluttered, straight, spruce
    archaic tricksy
    [Antonyms] untidy messy scruffy
  • 3 men find her trim figure and vivacious personality very appealing
    [Antonyms] fat
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