Synonyms of trivial in English:



  • 1 your problems are trivial in comparison with Peter's
    unimportant, insignificant, inconsequential, minor, of no/little account, of no/little consequence, of no/little importance, not worth bothering about, not worth mentioning; incidental, inessential, non-essential, petty, trifling, fiddling, pettifogging, footling, small, slight, little, inconsiderable, negligible, paltry, nugatory; meaningless, pointless, worthless, idle; flimsy, insubstantial
    informal piddling, piffling, penny-ante
    British informal twopenny-halfpenny
    North American informal nickel-and-dime, small-bore
    North American vulgar slang chickenshit
    [Antonyms] important significant life-and-death
  • 2 I think I used to be quite a trivial person
    frivolous, superficial, shallow, unthinking, empty-headed, feather-brained, lightweight, foolish, silly
    [Antonyms] serious profound
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