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Synonyms of tune in English:


  • she left the theatre humming a cheerful tune
    song, number, jingle, ditty;
    theme, motif
  • verb

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  • 1 the band were still tuning their guitars
  • 2 like many marine organisms, they have a body clock tuned to the rhythm of the tides
    attune, adapt, adjust, fine-tune;
    regulate, modulate, calibrate
  • Phrases

    change one's tune
    by the following week, she had changed her tune
    change one's mind, think differently, express a different view/opinion, sing a different song/tune, shift one's ground, do a U-turn, row back, march to the beat of a different drum, have a change of heart;
    British  do an about-turn
    in tune
    their message was in tune with the prevailing intellectual climate
    in accord, in keeping, in accordance, in agreement, in harmony, harmonious, in step, in line, in sympathy
    out of tune
    he was out of tune with conventional belief
    in disagreement, at odds, at variance, out of step, not in harmony, at outs, out of kilter
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