Synonyms of turf in English:



  • 1 they walked across the springy turf
    grass, lawn, sod
    literary sward, greensward
  • 2 (the turf) they are both devotees of the turf
  • 3 the vice president was keen to protect his own turf
    area/sphere of influence, area/sphere of activity, territory, domain, province, preserve; stamping ground, home ground
    informal bailiwick
    British informal patch, manor
  • verb

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  • the front and rear lawns have been turfed
    grass over, lay grass on
  • Phrases

    turf someone/something out

    British informal he was turfed out of office after 15 yearsthrow outremoveejectexpelturn outfling outforce outdrive outevictdislodgeoustdismissdischarge informalchuck outkick outsend packingboot outdefenestrategive someone the bootgive someone their marching ordersthrow someone out on their earshow someone the doorsackfiregive someone the pushgive someone the (old) heave-hoNorth American informalgive someone the bum's rush

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