Synonyms of tussle in English:



  • 1 in the ensuing tussle his glasses were smashed
    scuffle, fight, struggle, skirmish, brawl, scrimmage, scramble, scrum, fisticuffs, wrestling match, rough and tumble, free-for-all, fracas, fray, rumpus, melee, disturbance; Irish, North American, & Australiandonnybrook
    Law, dated affray
    British informal ding-dong, bust-up, bit of argy-bargy
    British informal , Footballafters
    Scottish informal rammy, swedge
    North American informal roughhouse
    Australian/New Zealand informal stoush
    archaic broil, miff
  • 2 an acrimonious tussle between the two departments
  • verb

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  • demonstrators tussled with police
    scuffle, fight, struggle, exchange blows, come to blows, brawl, grapple, wrestle, clash, scrimmage
    informal scrap, have a dust-up, have a punch-up, have a set-to
    North American informal rough-house
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