Synonyms of twinkling in English:



  • noun

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    in a twinkling

    I'll be back in a twinkling(very) soonin a secondin a minutein a momentin a tricein a flashin an instantin the twinkling of an eyein (less than) no timein no time at allbefore you know itbefore longshortlyin a very short timeany second (now)any minute (now)North Americanmomentarily informalin a jiffynanosecondin two shakes (of a lamb's tail)before you can say Jack Robinsonin a secin the blink of an eyein a blinkin the wink of an eyein a winkbefore you can say knifeBritish informalin a tickin two ticksin a mosharpishNorth American informalin a snap dateddirectly

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