Synonyms of unconcerned in English:



  • 1 readers think that the author is unconcerned with their responses to the text
    indifferent about, unmoved by, apathetic about, uninterested in, incurious about, uninvolved in/with, dispassionate about, deaf to, heedless of, unmindful of, bored by; cool, remote, aloof, detached, lukewarm, unenthusiastic
    [Antonyms] concerned interested attentive
  • 2 Stanley shrugged and tried to look unconcerned
    untroubled, unworried, unperturbed, unruffled, unanxious, insouciant, nonchalant, blasé, carefree, blithe, casual, without a care in the world, serene, relaxed, at ease, devil-may-care, happy-go-lucky, {cool, calm, and collected}
    informal laid-back, unflappable
    [Antonyms] concerned anxious
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