Synonyms of understanding in English:



  • 1 the aim of the examination is to test basic understanding of the written language
    knowledge, awareness, consciousness;
    skill in, expertise in, proficiency in
    informal know-how
    [Antonyms] ignorance, misunderstanding
  • 2 a young man of brilliant understanding and great eloquence
    intellect, intelligence, mind, brainpower, capability, insight, judgement, sense, reason, reasoning;
    intuition, shrewdness, sharpness, quickness, acumen, sagacity, perspicacity, wisdom, wit;
    thought, mentality;
    brains, powers of reasoning/intuition;
    Frenchsavoir faire
    informal grey matter, nous, savvy, know-how
  • 3 it was my understanding that because of the war there would be no ceremonies
    belief, perception, view, notion, idea, conclusion, conviction, feeling, opinion, intuition, impression, assumption, supposition, postulation, way of thinking, point of view;
    suspicion, sneaking suspicion, hunch, funny feeling
  • 4 he always treated me with great kindness and understanding
    [Antonyms] ignorance, indifference
  • 5 we had a tacit understanding that we would keep it secret
  • adjective

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  • he's a very good and understanding friend
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