Synonyms of unknown in English:



  • 1 the ultimate outcome of their dispute was unknown
    undisclosed, unrevealed, undivulged, untold, unspecified, secret, mysterious, dark, hidden, concealed; undetermined, undecided, unresolved, unfixed, unestablished, unsettled, unsure; pending, unascertained, undefined, indefinite, inconclusive, in the balance, in limbo, up in the air
    [Antonyms] known decided
  • 2 all his instincts were warning him of the dangers in the unknown country ahead
    [Antonyms] familiar well travelled
  • 3 he was murdered by a person or persons unknown
    [Antonyms] identified named
  • 4 firearms were unknown to the Indians at the time of the conquest
    unfamiliar, unheard of, unprecedented, new, novel, strange, exotic
    [Antonyms] familiar
  • 5 unknown artists of the avant-garde
    obscure, unheard of, little known, unsung, minor, insignificant, unimportant, undistinguished, unrenowned, inconsequential, lowly, unhonoured, forgotten
    [Antonyms] famous celebrated
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