Synonyms of upside down in English:

upside down


  • 1 the mangled remains of a vehicle were found hanging upside down in a tree
    [Antonyms] upright the right way up
  • 2 they left the flat upside down my world was thrown upside down
    in/into disarray, in/into disorder, jumbled up, in/into a jumble, in/into a muddle, untidy, disorganized, chaotic, all over the place, in/into chaos, in/into confusion, topsy-turvy, at sixes and sevens
    informal messed up, higgledy-piggledy
    [Antonyms] tidy
  • Phrases

    turn something upside down

    the burglars have turned our house upside down
    [Antonyms] tidy
    throw into disarraythrow into disordermake disorderlydisorderuntidymake untidydisorganizedisturbjumblemix upmuddleupsetturn something topsy-turvy informalmess upNorth American informalmuss up

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