Synonyms of veil in English:



  • 1 her face was hidden behind a black veil
    face covering, veiling;
    in Spanish-speaking countriesmantilla;
    in Muslim & Hindu societiesyashmak, purdah
  • 2 a thin veil of high cloud made the sun hazy
    covering, cover, screen, shield, curtain, layer, film, mantle, cloak, mask, blanket, shroud, canopy, cloud, blur, haze, mist, pall
  • verb

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  • the peak was often veiled in mist
    obscure, shade, shadow, eclipse, cloud, blot out, block out, blank out, obliterate, overshadow
    literary enshroud, mantle, bedim, benight, becloud, befog
    [Antonyms] unveil, expose, uncover
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