Synonyms of vestige in English:



  • 1 vestiges of England's Tudor past were still evident
    remnant, remainder, fragment, relic, echo, indication, sign, trace, mark, print, imprint, impression, legacy, reminder, memento, souvenir, token, trophy; remains, leftovers, leavings, evidence, residue
    archaic memorandum, memory, remembrancer
  • 2 she showed no vestige of emotion
    trace, scrap, touch, tinge, hint, suggestion, suspicion, soupçon, inkling, whisper, scintilla, whit, spark, glimmer, flicker, atom, speck, bit, ounce, drop, dash, jot, iota, shred, crumb, morsel, fragment, grain, spot, mite, modicum
    informal smidgen, smidge, tad
    Irish informal stim
    archaic scantling, scruple
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