Synonyms of visit in English:



  • 1 I was away visiting a dear uncle of mine
    call on, call in on, pay a call on, pay a visit to, pay someone a call, pay someone a visit, go to see, come to see, look in on; stay with, spend time with, be the guest of, holiday with; stop by, drop by, pay a call, pay a visit, come to stay; North Americanvisit with, go see
    informal pop in on, drop in on, blow in on, drop round to see, look up
  • 2 Alex was visiting America on a hectic tour
    stay in, stop over in, spend time in, holiday in; tour, drive round, go round, explore; see, view, inspect, survey, examine; North Americanvacation in
  • 3 the citizens were visited with repeated epidemics of a strange disease
    afflict, attack, assail, trouble, harrow, torment, torture; descend on
    archaic smite
  • Phrases

    be visited on someone

    it is hard to imagine a greater psychological cruelty visited on a childhappen toovertakebefallcome uponfall uponhitstrike


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  • 1 after reading the play she paid a visit to the poet
    social call, call
  • 2 a school visit to the Ashmolean Museum
    trip to, tour of, look around/round; stopover, stop-off, stay, stop; holiday, break; North Americanvacation
    North American informal vacay
    formal sojourn
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