Synonyms of wall in English:



  • 1 solid brick walls
    barrier, partition, room divider, enclosure, screen, panel, separator; palisade; dam, dyke
  • 2 an ancient city wall
  • 3 we will work to break down the walls that stop world trade
    obstacle, barrier, barricade, fence; impediment, hindrance, block, check
  • Phrases

    drive someone up the wall

    each one had some irritating habit that drove him up the wallenrageincenseangerinfuriatemaddeninflameantagonizemake someone's blood boilmake someone's hackles riserub up the wrong wayruffle someone's feathersrufflepeeveannoyirritateexasperateirkvexput outprovokepiquegalldisplease informaldrive mad/crazymake someone see redget someone's back upget someone's dander upget someone's goatget under someone's skinget up someone's noserattle someone's cageaggravateget someoneneedlebugnettlerilemiffhack offBritish informalwind upget atnarkget acrossget on someone's wickNorth American informaltee offtick offburn upgravel vulgar slangpiss off informal, datedgive someone the pip rareempurple

    go to the wall

    informal thousands of businesses are expected to go to the wall this yearfailcollapsego bankruptbecome insolventgo into receivershipgo into liquidationcrashfold (up)go underfounderbe ruinedcave in informalgo brokego bustgo bumpgo belly upcome a cropperflop

    go up the wall

    this causes the dog to go up the wall and bark his head offlose one's temperlose controlbecome enragedgo into a ragefly into a temper/passionboil overboil over with rageflare upfire upgo berserkthrow a tantrumexplode informalblow one's topfly off the handlelose one's coolget madgo crazygo wildgo bananashit the roofgo through the roofsee redgo off the deep endblow a fuse/gasketlose one's raggo apeburst a blood vesselflipflip one's lidfoam at the mouthget all steamed upget worked uphave a fitBritish informalgo sparego crackersdo one's nutget one's knickers in a twistthrow a wobblyNorth American informalflip one's wigblow one's lid/stackhave a cowgo postalhave a conniption fit vulgar slanggo apeshit

    off the wall

    North American informal an off-the-wall cable television programme
    [Antonyms] conventional
    eccentriczanyfar outfreakishquirkyidiosyncraticunconventionalunorthodoxweirdoutlandishoffbeatoff-centrebizarrestrangeunfamiliarFrenchoutré informalway-outwackyfreakykookyscrewykinkyoddballcrankyNorth American informalin left field


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  • 1 the tenements walled in the space completely
    enclose, bound, encircle, confine, hem, circumscribe, close, shut, fence; separate, partition
  • 2 one doorway had been walled up
    block, seal, close, brick up
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