Synonyms of wane in English:



  • 1 the moon is waning
    disappear, decrease, diminish, dwindle
    the moon is waning
    [Antonyms] wax


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on the wane

the popularity of these films may be on the wane
[Antonyms] increasing growing
decliningon the declinedecreasingdiminishingdwindlingshrinkingcontractingtapering offtailing offsubsidingslackeningdroopingsinkingebbingdimmingfading awaygrowing faintlesseningdissolvingpetering outwinding downfalling offattenuatingon the way outabatingfailingrecedingslumpingin a slumpin remissionflaggingatrophyingweakeninggiving waymelting awaydeterioratingin a state of deteriorationcrumblingwitheringdisintegratingdegeneratingevaporatingcollapsingdrawing to a closevanishingdying outobsolescentmoribund informalon one's last legs rareevanescing

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