Synonyms of war in English:



  • 1 the Napoleonic wars the outbreak of war
    conflict, warfare, combat, fighting, struggle, armed conflict, action, military action, bloodshed, contest, tussle;
    battle, skirmish, fight, clash, confrontation, engagement, affray, encounter, collision, offensive, attack, blitz, siege;
    campaign, crusade, feud, vendetta;
    strife, hostility, enmity, antagonism, discord, disunity, animus, ill will, bad blood;
    [Antonyms] peace, truce, ceasefire, harmony
  • 2 the war against drugs
  • verb

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  • rival Emperors warred against each other
    fight, battle, combat, wage war, make war, be at war, be in conflict, conduct a war, do battle, join battle, take the field, take up arms;
    feud, quarrel, struggle, strive, contend, grapple, wrangle, tilt, cross swords, lock horns, come to blows;
    attack, engage, clash with, encounter, take on, set to, skirmish with, grapple with
    [Antonyms] make peace
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    belligerent, martial relating to war

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